Amazon Guide: How to Build Quality Semantic Core in 2 Minutes

Collect highly-convertible keywords for listing optimization and PPC with ease. Fast, relevant, and highly convertible. No trash, only the most profitable keywords that drive sales.

Step 1


Open Keyword Hunter and add your ASIN's keyword. For our use case, we randomly chose B073R2J6H3 and the keyword "matcha powder"

Step 2


Open Related Keywords Section. You'll see the complete breakdown of quality keywords relevant to our chosen keyword, "matcha powder." Forget about endless lists with thousands of keywords that don't make any difference. Here you'll only find high-quality keywords that drive sales. Explore each keyword's performance by analyzing accurate data such as Search Rank, Relevance, Conversions, Clicks, Sales, and more.

Step 3


In our use case, we'd take a closer look at the keywords with the most interesting metrics. Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Macha Tea Japanese Organic Matcha Tea Powder Organic Matcha Powder These keywords have a great Search Rank - Relevance - Conversion ratio and therefore are easy to promote and rank for.

Step 4


Scroll up and press the "Download Report" button to download the keyword list. Use the data for building your semantic core.

Step 5


Let's now take a look at competitors and their keywords. Go to the Competitors Analysis Section, click on one of the competitors and open the link in a new tab. You'll be redirected to Keyword Re-Ranker.

Step 6


You're now in Keyword Re-Ranker. Scroll down to Semantic Core. Filter Semantic Core and choose Top Keywords You'll see highly-convertible list of keywords that drive sales for the competitor who is now ranking for the top 3 positions on Amazon.

Step 7


Download the keywords list by pressing the "Download Report" button. Add these keywords to the list you've already created and remove the duplicates.

Use this winning strategy to rank higher and sell more.

  • Uncover high-converting keywords that are relevant to your product.

  • Detect competitor's most profitable keywords.

  • Use these keywords to build a quality semantic core optimize your listings and run PPC.

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