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Amazon sales average $0 billion per year.
Reimbursements to sellers can total $0 billion*.


Have you gotten your reimbursement yet?

* according to Sellerise, compared to self-calculation of the refund amount and submission of a case to Amazon

If you're selling products on Amazon,
then there’s a high chance that Amazon owes you money.
All you need to do is claim it.

The exact amount depends on how much debt you’re owed and the accuracy of your request for reimbursement.

Sellers often use various agencies and services to help them get refunds from Amazon. However, these services don’t always process high-quality reports, or may use a limited list of reports that don’t completely quantify the marketplace's debt to the seller.

This even applies to services that deduct a large commission from the funds recovered.


Sellerise Reimbursement Tool is a software solution,
not a service.

Sellerise Reimbursement Tool processes 7 key Amazon reports and offers more refunds than other services. Best of all, it takes no commission on the money received by the seller.

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Reimbursement Tool - a simple, effective tool for securing your FBA reimbursement

Submit Your Claim in One Click

Simply submit your application by clicking the button. Getting refunds from Amazon has never been easier!

Status of Your Reimbursement

You can check the status of your refund application directly through the reimbursement tool.

No Extra Fees or Payments

Unlike other services, the Sellerise Reimbursement Tool does not take commission or other payments from the refunded money - whatever Amazon returns to you is yours.

100% Legal and Approved by Amazon

The Sellerise Reimbursement Tool is an exclusive product of Sellerise, an official Amazon Seller Central Partner Network: Software Partner & Service Partner.

Automatic Estimation

We aggregate and analyze data from 7 different Amazon reports over the last 18 months and automatically calculate an estimated amount that Amazon owes you.

Automatically Generate Claim

We will automatically generate an application for the selected reimbursement items, along with the correct accompanying text, ensuring you receive the maximum refund.

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Any seller can independently find out the amount of possible compensation from the marketplace, collect the necessary information, and open a case.

However, in order to do this, you need to know the necessary amounts, as well as specific transactions, goods, adjustments, and order and shipment numbers. You will need to download and process a significant amount of information.

Thousands of lines of data, not to mention hours and days of hard work...

... ...
... ...

Now, all this can be done in a few seconds
with the Sellerise Reimbursement Tool.

Learn how much you’re owed by Amazon and create a free case for reimbursement now!

The Sellerise Reimbursement Tool automatically aggregates Amazon reports and analyzes data (adjustments, orders, shipments, etc.) over the last 18 months for each account.

Sellerise's unique mathematical algorithm compares data in different reports and identifies inconsistencies that may indicate marketplace errors. Based on this analysis, the program makes a forecast of the total amount of marketplace debt for 5 types of reimbursements.


How can Sellerise Reimbursement Tool help you?

With this tool, you can find out how much money you’re owed by Amazon for a specified period of time, as well as the amount of reimbursement you’re owed for errors on the part of Amazon:

Destroyed Inventory

The product was damaged during storage at the Amazon warehouse and cannot be sold

Misplaced & Lost Inventory

The product was lost while in storage at the Amazon warehouse

Customer Returned Orders

The product was damaged while being returned to the Amazon warehouse, the buyer requested a refund but did not return the goods, or other problems that occurred during the return process

Damaged Inventory

The product was damaged while in storage at the Amazon warehouse, but can be sold (refers to damage to the packaging or minor cosmetic damage that does not affect its functionality)

Missing FBA Shipment

The good was lost during the delivery process to the Amazon warehouse


Money Reimbursed

If the seller requests a refund, Amazon will reimburse sellers for items that are damaged or lost in Amazon's warehouses or in transit to the buyer.

Get your reimbursement

How to get more* FBA refund
with the Sellerise Reimbursement Tool



Use the Sellerise Reimbursement Tool to find out how much Amazon owes you** for and select the transactions for which you want to receive a refund



Select the products, orders or shipment for which you want to receive a refund



Select the appropriate adjustments



Use the automatically generated accompanying text



Click the “Create a Case” button to submit a request on Amazon, or copy an application to submit a request on Amazon Seller Central



Track the status of the request directly in the program window


Now your refund from Amazon is yours
to do with as you please!

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Sellerise Reimbursement Tool?

The most detailed information on how to get potential refunds based on Amazon reports

A simple interface and high-speed creation and submission of refund claims

No commissions or payments deducted from your reimbursement

No agencies and intermediaries. You are in full control - submit refund requests whenever you want

A free trial period of 7 days with full functionality

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Sellerise Reimbursement Tool - a simple, effective tool
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