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Understand how many customers use Subscribe & Save, what they buy, and how much.

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Customer Retention Improved


Total Revenue Made by S&S Subscribers


Total Subscriber Number
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Why do you need
Subscribe & Save analytics tool?

Predictable Revenue

Regular subscriptions mean predictable monthly income. Our tool helps you optimize your S&S operations to ensure a steady cash flow.

Easy Customer Retention

With our detailed analytics and retention strategies, you can understand and influence customer behaviors to significantly lower churn rates.

Inventory Management

Our predictive tools help you align inventory with subscriber demand, ensuring you always have just the right amount of stock.

Detailed Insights

Get a Comprehensive Analytics
of Your Products S&S

Get a clear picture of your Subscribe & Save customers: what they're purchasing, how often, and their spending patterns.

New Subscribers

Track the number of new unique customers enrolled in your Subscribe & Save program.

Total Orders

Monitor the cumulative number of orders placed by all subscribers.

Total Revenue

Measure the overall income from subscribers to assess financial performance.

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Trend Analysis

Analyze Sales Trends & Forecasts

Track subscription trends week by week. See forecasts for future orders, preventing costly stock outs.

Weekly Subscription Trends

Future Order Forecasts

Revenue Projections

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Time efficiency

Evaluate SnS effectiveness

Get detailed insights into the average revenue per subscriber, order frequency, and more to check your performance.

Average Revenue per Subscriber

See an average lifetime revenue generated by a subscriber to assess their value.

Order Frequency per Subscriber

Track how many units a subscriber places on average during their SnS program.

OOS Lost Revenue

Identify potential income lost due to out-of-stock items to improve inventory management.

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refund statistics

Analyze Refund Frequency

Understand refund patterns to improve product quality and customer satisfaction.

Refund Rates

Analyze the percentage of SnS orders refunded to identify and address issues.

Total SnS Refunded Units

Monitor the total number of SnS units refunded to identify and resolve product issues.

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Revenue Maximization

Level Up Your Sales Performance

Unlock the full potential of your Subscribe & Save program with advanced performance metrics.

Evaluate the impact of subscription discounts on sales.

Measure SnS units percentage and OOS rate percentage.

See OOS lost revenue to understand missed opportunities.

Review total orders to gauge overall program performance.

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