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Use detailed historical data to conduct a comprehensive keyword analysis of your competition on Amazon.

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37M+ ASIN database

Explore a bigger list of total 37M+ products in any niche. Discover more, miss less.

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Sales Growth Opportunity

Discover hidden sales growth opportunities through competitor keyword analysis on Amazon.

Rivals research

Reveal competitors' keyword strategies

Do a comprehensive keyword research of your competitors. See what actually works for them, and adjust your SEO and PPC strategies.

All Rivals’ Keywords

Check all keywords that your competitors use. Find out how many organic clicks and sales they get.

Clicks & Sales Analysis

Understand which specific keywords are translating into organic clicks and sales for your competitors.

Spot Today's Top Trends

Keep up with the latest keyword trends. Know what's hot right now.

Broaden Your Competitive View

Check new competitors based on your searches, expanding your understanding of the market dynamics.

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Identify gaps and opportunities to differentiate their products and stand out in the market.

Keyword Gap Analysis

Identify keyword opportunities they might be missing, and capitalize on them.

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Spot high-sales keywords your competitors use, yet remain low in competition. Seize the advantage!

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