Amazon Guide: Recover Lost Keywords

Recover keywords that no longer make you money and increase your sales by up to 30%. Gain back your positions.

Step 1


Start with adding your Product Asin. Then kick back and relax, data loading can take a few moments. We randomly chose B08GKZX76K.

Step 2


This ASIN ranks for 467 keywords. 98 out of 467 keywords are currently ranking for the top 3 positions.

Step 3


Filter your Semantic Core and choose "Out of top keywords."

Step 4


Scroll to the right to "Sales on 1 position", "Sales on 2 position", "Sales on 3 position" to see how many sales keywords made you when they ranked for the top 3.

Step 5


Play around with Search Rank and find the winning keywords that made the most sales when they ranked.

Step 6


We uncovered lost keywords that used to make money. In 33 days on position 1 these keywords made 104 sales. Since these keywords lost their ranking, this product has missed many sales. On average, this product is missing out on 3 sales every day.

Step 7


Copy your keywords and paste them into the Product Performance Dashboard.

Step 8


Go to Traffic Keywords and scroll all the way down to see when keywords stopped ranking Or position 1.

In our case, it was May 13, 2021. Since then, these chosen keywords haven't been ranking on position 1.

From May 13, 2021 to Feb. 13, 2022 at least 810 sales were missed just with the one combination of keywords that we discovered. How many more can you find?

Use this winning strategy to rank higher and sell more.

  • Start ranking for your lost keywords again.

  • Gain back your positions.

  • Massively increase our profits!

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