Negative Reviews Management

Download Sellerise Chrome Extension

Sellerise Chrome Extension is one of the leading Amazon extensions on the market. It is a multifunctional tool that allows you to work in one place instead of downloading multiple extensions. It is powerful, performs fast, easy & free to use.

Download Sellerise Extension

Download Product Reviews

Go to the Amazon product page, then click on the Sellerise extension logo and select the Review Downloader. After the downloading process is complete - proceed to the next step.

Downloading Reviews is Complete


Filter Reviews in Bulk Files

  • Open your file (better in GoogleSheets online than in Excel)
  • Delete rows with 4- and 5-star reviews in the downloaded file
  • Analyze your negative reviews in terms of violation of Amazon Community Guidelines (see #1, #2). To quickly filter some violations, use this list of keywords below
Fake Review:
fake, different item, paid review, incentivized

Product Has Never Been Used:
not delivered, damaged, different, wrong item, missing, lost

Foreign Language:
Manually search for reviews written not in the language of the marketplace or quickly define them using the formula =DETECTLANGUAGE, (works in GoogleSheets only), e.g.: ...

If you have a low amount of reviews, it is always better to go one by one and analyze it in terms of an actual violation.


Specify which guideline exactly the reviews violate

  • For this, go to the page where the guideline is mentioned
  • Highlight the text needed, right-click, and use “Copy link to highlight”
  • Paste the link to your file next to the review violating this guideline

Submit Your Case

  • Go to Amazon Seller Support on Seller Central:
    ➞ Help ➞ Get Support ➞ Selling on Amazon ➞ Products, Listings, or Inventory ➞ Product Reviews
  • Attach your file with links / paste them manually when creating a case

  • Submit cases for non-TOS-compliant reviews using the templates below: